the essence of existence

the essence of existence
poem by ayvan saila

stillness gives birth to chaos 
between life and death we yearn 
to hear nothing full of emptiness

broken bodies sacrifice 
precious idols of the mind 
to touch something within everything

devoted lovers inhale 
fear and fantasy burning 
to know that truth permeates fiction

and when our ears cannot see 
the essence of existence 
to embrace peace wafting through nightmares

merge into stillness once more

This poem is, in part, a play with syllables. The rhythm is: 7, 7, 9 / 7, 7, 9 / 7, 7, 9 / 7, 7, 9 / 7. However, after posting to my website I realized it was more interesting to include the title and my name as a subtitle as part of the pattern. This makes sense, the creation of the poem begins with the title, with 7 syllables. This ends with 7 syllables, this feels right, like creation has already begun again. So, including the title the pattern is: 7, 7 / 7, 7, 9 / 7, 7, 9 / 7, 7, 9 / 7, 7, 9 / 7.
I did not begin the poem with any intention of playing with syllables. I almost hacked away at the finished product to create several Haiku poems instead, but, fortunately, sudden problems with internet connectivity discouraged me from pursuing that.
I prefer for the format of the words and language of the poem stay as I wrote them, so I uploaded a photo of the poem instead. For accessibility I’ve written the poem in the ‘alt text’ option for the photo.