About Me and My Stories

2020 Credo

As per the advice of Colum McCann in the book “Letters to a Young Writer,” I’ve decided on a credo for my writing: I am not the two-dimensional propaganda carefully crafted by those who wish I’d never been born. Nor am I any mythical heroine burdened with limitations of virtue, or vice. Imagination attempts representation … Continue reading 2020 Credo

An About Me Story

In West Texas in the 1970’s I was taught to never question authority. The rules were laid down and I was expected to obey. There was never opportunity for discussion, complaint, or negotiation. If I asked the question “Why?”, my parents would answer, “Because we said so.” If I complained, I would be punished for “speaking back.” If I offered a solution, I would be called a ‘smart-ass’ or other names to keep me in my place.

At an early age I already held the conviction that god existed, and that god would be willing to have conversations with me about right and wrong. God, unlike the people in my life, would offer reasonable explanations to all of my questions about life. If god represents an ideal, then my vision of the highest ideal has always been compassionate truth.

This blog is not about god, but it is not not about god either. This blog is about stories and conversations. This blog is about contemplation of possibilities and perspectives and truths. I have noticed that many of us don’t question authority. How many of our beliefs are simply ideas that we have copied and parroted back in predictable ways?

The question of whether we are taking responsibility for our power is important individually and collectively. Are we giving our power away so that we can fit into pretty packages? Can we listen to different perspectives without having an emotional meltdown? Can we answer the child asking for clarification and justification for the social and environmental harms that we created? Are we clinging to recycled beliefs because of fear? What are we afraid of?

I’ve started this blog with some recent assignments that were required for my undergraduate degree. However, this blog is not meant to be simply academic and I have no interest in philosophy for the sake of doing philosophy. This blog is an offering of love, the way I see love, as compassionate-truth, or at least the journey towards that goal.